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We have in clinic solutions for all of your Physiotherapy & Allied Health needs across our community.

At Physio Inq, we liaise with a variety of referral partners, from Hospital Discharge planners, NDIS Plan Managers, Support Coordinators, General Practitioners and Surgeons, as well as Insurance Companies and Private Organisations.

The referral process is quick and easy and can be done by filling out our online referral form.

Our client liaison officer will respond to the referral the same business day if received Monday to Friday, or the next business day if on a public holiday or weekend.

The more information that can be pre filled, the better, ensuring that email addresses and phone numbers are correct will make certain we can make contact.

Almost all new referrals can be seen within 24-48 hours of receiving the referral.

We treat and see any client in a place that is most convenient to your client, whether it is in the comfort of their own home, in one of our clinics, or in some other more convenient setting. Regardless of the cause of the condition, neurological event, general ageing, post-surgery, work place accident, disability, we welcome the chance to help and assist in any way possible.

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The Aspendale Team

Meet our Physio Inq Aspendale team members
Clare Singleton

Clare Singleton

Senior Physiotherapist + Clinic Owner
Clement Yeung

Clement Yeung

Libby McQuiston

Libby McQuiston

Client Relationship Manager